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  1. Hello ThriveFit team! My workout today was a challenging one, but I was pretty happy with how I did.

    5-rep max hang clean: 135(5), 185(5), 195(5), 215(2).

    7 Rounds for time of: 7 overhead squats 95#, 14 toes to bar. Time was 9:38, which I was relatively happy with. Hope you all had a great one today tooβ€”if not, do 100 burpees for time before bed and I’ll look forward to hearing your report tomorrow! πŸ˜‰

  2. Fun times out there for me today: first it was an β€œevery minute on the minute” for 8 minutes. Each minute, I was shooting for 3 deadlifts at 315#. I noticed in round three that that was too easy so I bumped up to 4 reps. And, in minute 8 I even went into bonus rounds and got 6 reps! So, all told it ended up being:

    EMOM for 8 minutes deadlifts: 315(3), 315(3), 315(4), 315(4), 315(4), 315(4), 315(4), 315(6). Pretty happy with thatβ€”32 deadlifts in 8 minutes!

    Then it was an interesting combination of doubleunders and handstand walks: for time: 30 doubleunders, 30m handstand walk, 30 doubleunders, 30m handstand walk, 30 doubleunders, 30m handstand walk, 30 doubleunders. Time was 6:40 and boy do I have some sore shoulders!

  3. We’ve got a big group workout planned for tomorrow, so I took it relatively light today. For time:
    21 hang cleans 135#
    21 pushups
    15 hang cleans 135#
    15 pushups
    9 hang cleans 135#
    9 pushups

    My time came in at 3:54 and I’m feeling pretty good! Hope yours was great today too!

  4. It was a long and BRUTAL workout for us today! At about 90 degrees with 90% humidity, Kim, Felicia, and I did the following team workout:

    Group workout: the runner sets the paceβ€”while one person is running all others keep count of reps. When the runner gets back, everyone rotates to the next station, and continues counting where they left off (cumulative count). The goal is to get the most total reps at the end of the last round (reps from either movement count equally).

    4 rounds for time of:
    Run 400m
    Kettlebell swings (20# ladies)
    Push press (45# ladies, 95# men)

    Our time was 33:27, during which each of us ran one mile, Felicia completed 173 reps, Kim completed 400, and I completed 435. We never could have made it individually, but because we’re a team, we were able to push each other to keep going all the way to the end!

    Kudos to all for completing a very tough one and for the incredible work out there!

  5. Lindsay and I had a fun and challenging workout outdoors today–and some great weather for it too!

    First, we worked on press: Chris 115(7), 135(5), 155(5)
    Lindsay 35(5), 45(5), 55(3)

    Next, snatch: Chris 95(7), 135(7), 165(2)
    Lindsay 35(7), 45(5), 45(5)

    Lindsay’s just leaning the movement, and her form improved dramatically from rep to rep and set to set. Great job out there!

    Lastly was our main workout: Chris: for time: 20 cleans 135#, 35 pushups, 50 wallballs 12#, 35 pushups, 20 cleans 135#. Time was 8:41 and it was a quite a bit harder than expected! I mostly kept moving well but really felt I was running out of gas on the last 10 or so cleans!

    Lindsay did the same workout: for time: cleans 35#, 35 pushups, 50 wallballs 10#, 35 pushups, 20 cleans 35#. Her time was 9:59. Way to keep it in the single digits out there! πŸ™‚

  6. Quick one out there for Kim and I today! First some squats:
    Chris: 135(10), 225(8), 245(8), 265(5)

    Then it was 3 rounds for time of: 7 deadlifts 245#, 7 goblet squats holding a 70# dumbbell, 7 toes to bar. My time was 3:30, gotta love those quick ones!

  7. Today I repeated a workout I had last done exactly one year ago: Three rounds for time of: 50 squats, 7 strict pullups, 7 dips, 10 hang cleans 135#.

    My time improved from 8:06 on 2012-07-02 to 7:01 today! It seems we’re moving in the right direction! πŸ™‚

  8. oh, and I worked on bench press today too: 135(10), 205(7), 225(3), 235(2), 245(1), 255(f). I really should be training this lift more often….

  9. Lindsay talked me into a tough one today, and I’ve got a sore and tight upper body and worn out quads and hamstrings now as a result! We started out with 2-rep max squats:

    Chris: 135(12), 225(8), 275(3), 295(2), 315(2)
    Lindsay: 45(5), 65(3), 65(3), 65(3)

    Then this lovely little number: Four rounds for time of: run 400m, 18 box jumps, 12 overhead squats (Lindsay 35#, Chris 115#). Lindsay finished in 16:50 and my time was 16:35. I think I tweaked a rib or something in my upper back somehow during the box jumps, so I’ll be increasing the fish oil intake and mobility work on that area the next few days.

    Hope everyone’s doing well and getting the results you’re after! How’d your workout go today??

  10. Today I took another shot at: 30 clean and jerks 155#. Time was 8:00 back in 2012-04-04 and today I got it down to 6:36! Still moving in the right direction, but boy do I have some sore hamstrings and arches! It’s been a brutal and fun week this week! Thanks to all who kept pushing me to bring my best out there!

  11. It was only in the high 90s today, so I let Kim talk me into the following outdoor workout: Three rounds for time of: run 400m, 5 burpees, 5 pullups, 5 burpees, 5 pullups, 5 burpees, 5 pullups. My time was 8:57 and the sweat poured! πŸ™‚

    I also got in some strict presses: 115(5), 135(5), 155(5). Looking back a few days in my records, it seems that 155# was my limit in June too–I’d better look at moving that weight higher so we’re going in the right direction!!

  12. Today we had a great group workout! Everybody loves competition…. It was hot..but not as brutal as past days.

    Group workout: jump rope sets the pace. Keep track of total reps of the other three movements

    4 rounds
    -jumpropes (40 double unders or 120 singles)
    -kettlebell swings (25w/50m)
    -deadlifts (95w/185m)
    -single arm snatches (20# kb women/60# dumbbell men)

    Chris: 283 reps
    Kim: 282 reps
    Felicia: 209 reps
    Otis: 177 reps

    Time was 24:13 and we were all wiped out!

  13. A bit of a rough one for me today: I’m thinking I took too many days off due to our trip to Louisville over the weekend…

    7 rounds for time of: three muscleups, 10 lunges (L+R=2), 10 box jumps 28″.

    My time was a dismal 9:28, which included one instance of scraping up my shin pretty bad and one instance of chasing my two kids who had managed to open the backyard gate and were running towards the street!

    Here’s hoping for a better one tomorrow…


  14. Ok, it was another crushing defeat out there for me today! I completed a workout that I had done one year ago on 2012-07-16:

    Five rounds for time of: 8 squats 165#, 8 dips, 8 jerks 60# dumbells, 16 pullups

    My records indicate that my time one year ago was 15:59 and today my time was 18:00. A few theories for this progress in the wrong direction include:
    –I miscounted last year and actually only did 4 rounds
    –I miscounted today and accidentally did 6 rounds
    –I’m still goofed up from taking 4 days off last week (for shame)
    –By forgetting to take my rhodiola before my workout today, I put myself at a big disadvantage

    No matter the excuse, I’m sad to not have a faster time, but I will say that I’m nice and worn out currently, which is the point after all… I struggled most with the dumbbell jerksβ€”a great ab exercise by the way for anyone looking for one!

    Oh and I did some deadlifts too: 135(5), 225(5), 315(3), 365(2), 385(2), 395(f), 405(f), 405(f).

    The missed reps there were of varying typesβ€”I actually completed the 2 reps at 385 with a regular grip, and attempted the 395 with a regular grip too. I had it up over the hump but lost forearm strength and dropped it. I then attempted 405 with a switch grip and found it much harder to do that way, so I never quite got it. I’m tempted to consider lifting straps next time…

    So, it was a fun and challenging day but no new records. I’ll rest up for another day soon and I won’t be forgetting my rhodiola again any time soon!

  15. only had time for a little one last night: 5 minutes of handstand practice (they’re getting nicer-looking and longer!) followed by max uninterrupted pushups. New record with 60, woo-hoo!! Some sore shoulders for me today!

  16. Who needs multiple movements in a workout?? Not me! My workout yesterday: 50 snatches for time 125#. My time was 9:20, but I think could have been better had I been better able to hold onto the bar! We had pretty high humidity outside and my hands were sliding around like crazy. Time for me to invest in some chalk! πŸ™‚

  17. It was pretty late and dark last night by the time I got home, cooked and ate dinner, and got the kids to bed…. BUT excuses are for losers so I headed outside to get a workout in by lantern light.

    6 rounds for time of: 5 muscleups, 25 squats. Completed in 7:14, which I was relatively pleased with. Finished off the night with some mobility work on the hip capsule and ankle and slept like a baby until 5:30 when the kids decided to wake up and start causing a racket. Well, this whole thing’s about overcoming obstacles I suppose, right?? πŸ˜‰

  18. A big thank you to Otis for coming out for a team workout today! The one we came up with was far too brutal to be attempted alone, but having a friend to suffer alongside helped us both to keep going strong!

    Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes:
    β€’ 6 lunges 45# dumbells (L+R=2)
    β€’ 6 thrusters 45# dumbells

    (any minutes where you finish the work early, practice handstands until the next minute begins)

    Chris: with 45# dumbells: 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9
    Otis: with 35# dumbells: 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, then with 25# dumbells: 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12

    We were cruising along at about set 11 when the sprinklers turned on right where we were standing! So, we lunged to a safer location and kept right on going! πŸ™‚ Our stopwatches got a little wet, but no harm done I guess! By the end of minute 15 we were both gasping for air, and feeling like puking for the next 3-5 minutes…. but we held on and did eventually manage to catch our breath. A brutal one like this is just what I needed, and I’m feeling great now! Next time I’m getting all the reps!

  19. Inspired by the 2013 CrossFit Games competition this weekend, I came up with this little number:

    Three rounds for time of: 5 deadlifts 315#, 10 squats 225#, 15 handstand pushups. My time was 10:17, and boy was it a heavy one!

    Set one went along nicely, but sets two and three included one- and two- rep sets mostly. The handstand pushups weren’t bad though–only the last ones of the last set gave me trouble. I was super worn out by the end, but surprisingly feel pretty great now! We’ll see how things feel tomorrow….

  20. Well, I’m either twice as fit as I was one year ago, or I need to work on recording my scores better….
    My workout today was three rounds for time of 15 hang cleans 135#, 15 burpees. According to my records, when I did this workout last year on 7-31-2012, my time was 10:10. Today it was 5:02!
    I felt good out there, but that’s too crazy! My theory is that I did an extra set or something last time around. At any rate, I was happy with the workout today and looking forward to a brief workout tomorrow and some good rest Thursday. I hope you had a great one today too!

  21. Fun one today: Tabatas! To do a tabata, work as hard as you can for 20 seconds, then rest for 10. You do this cycle 8 times, which will take 4 minutes.
    I did four Tabatas back to back (16 minute total workout time): pullups, dips, declined situps, and squats. Scores were 77, 55, 63, and 130 respectively, for a total of 325 reps.
    That total is an improvement from the same workout one year ago when I got 304! Dips were the toughest but I felt pretty good overall! We’ll reach that 400 here one of these days!

  22. Hi friends,
    I put together quite a beauty of a workout for my lunchtime exercise today! It was 6 rounds for time of: 5 bar muscleups, 10 single-arm snatches 45#, 15 pullups, 400m run.
    All told, that adds up to 30 muscleups, 60 snatches, 90 pullups, and a 1.5 mile run in 23:58. There were some pretty grueling moments in there toward the end, particularly in the pullups and the first 100m or each of the runs, but hey, if it were easy, everyone would do it, right?? Looking forward to seeing you out there beside me for the next one! πŸ˜€

  23. Oh boy, it was a serious one out there for me today! It was much needed though, since I had a few commitments over the past week that kept me out of the gym more than I would have liked!

    First up was 5-rep max clean and jerk: 115(5), 135(5), 155(5), 175(5), 185(5), 195(5).

    Next was a slight variation of ThriveFit Workout #1. Three rounds for time of: 15 burpees, 20 thrusters 65#, 25 toes to bar. My time was 13:19, which I thought was a bit slow, but I’ll blame in on having done heavy clean and jerks first….

    At any rate, I was very worn out by the end and am now enjoying that relaxed, satisfied feeling of having left all I had out there on the gym floor! πŸ™‚

  24. Felicia and I had a good team workout today: every minute on the minute (EMOM) squats and pushups.

    Chris: EMOM 8 minutes: pushups. Result: 25, 25, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15. Total of 140 pushups.
    Then, EMOM 8 minutes: squats 230#. Results: 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5. Total of 40 squats.

    Felicia: EMOM 8 minutes: squats 60#. Results: 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6. Total of 48 squats.
    Then, EMOM 4 minutes: declined situps: Results: 12, 12, 12, 12. Total of 48 situps.
    Then, EMOM 4 minutes: pushups. Results: ? (I don’t know how many she got; she’ll have to reply and fill in the total).

    At any rate, this ended up being a pretty tough one, as EMOMs usually are! I expect some sore hamstrings, lats and pecs tomorrow… and I may not even have to wait that long!

  25. Wow! I am SUPER sore today after the squat/pushup combination yesterday! The muscles that hurt anytime I move include quads, a little bit hamstrings, very very sore adductors, lats, and shoulders. So all in all, let’s call yesterday’s workout a success!

    Due to my very sore condition, I didn’t want to do a full metcon like I normally would, nor did I dare to stay still and thereby extend my time of being sore… so I opted for a nice jog today. I ran 2.24 miles in 19:29. Certainly, this was no gold-medal time, but it was actually rather enjoyable (normally I lothe running) and my sore, tired muscles felt much better afterwards. Look for me back on the regular workout bandwagon tomorrow!

  26. We really went outside the box today, thanks to a workout planned by Otis! Ten rounds for time of running up and down a flight of stairs at the UMKC campus. I’d guess there were about 60 stairs or so. Odd rounds we’d take stairs one at a time, even rounds two at a time. I didn’t have a timer going but I did the whole thing without stopping.

    After that was some deadlifting: 135(7), 225(7), 285(7), 285(7), 305(7), 305(3), 305(3), 305(2), 305(2)

    Bill got his first metcon in today as well: Three rounds for time of 10 squats 45#, 10 burpees. His time was 12 minutes, and there was nearly vomit, but not quite. More impressive still was that his workout was sandwiched between 5 sets of stair climbs and 2 games of basketball. Watch out Bill, tomorrow morning may be painful!

  27. Fun backyard workout for me today! Sidenote–I have gymnastics rings hanging from a tree in my backyard, and i bring my barball back there through my garage, up the hill, and through the fence. This is how normal people exercise, right? Surely none of my neighbors thing I’m strange… πŸ˜‰

    My workout was six rounds for time of: 3 muscleups, 6 snatches 115#, 9 box jumps 26″ My time was a long 11:15, but I felt it was a good challenge. Time for some mobility work then to bed for me!

  28. Today I tried a slight variation on an old favorite. Three-rep max of deadlift, squat, and press. That’ll burn some calories, I tell ya! Here’s how I did:

    Deadlift: 225(5), 275(3), 295(3), 315(3), 335(3), 345(2)
    Squat: 135(7), 225(3), 275(3), 285(3), 295(3)
    Press: 135(3), 140(3), 145(3), 150(3), 155(3), 160(2)

    So my result was 335+295+160=790. Look out next time 800!

  29. today was fun! for time:

    12 thrusters 65#
    12 pullups
    11 thrustres
    11 pullups
    4 thrustres
    4 pullups

    Time was 7:31, which I thought was not bad for a total of 72 pullups and 72 thrusters at 65#. I’ll enjoy my rest day tomorrow!

  30. Lindsay inspired me this morning with talk of burpees, so I had to incorporate them into my workout today….

    First some quick strength work: bench press. 135(7), 185(7), 195(7). Then, on to the main event!

    Three rounds for time of: 15 chest-to-bar pullups, 15 burpees, 15 cleans 115#. Time was a delightful 10:06, and I’ll be sure to do this one again and get it down to the single digits!

    The pullups were hardest–most of the ones in the last round were singles; although the cleans were most likely to give me the feeling that I was about to pass out, or puke, or both. It’s these moments that keep me coming back: toward the end of the third set a quote from a crazy fitness guy popped into my head. “I’m going to give my all out there–if I pass out in the middle of a set, so what?!” Amen brother, amen!

  31. Bill came out today for ThriveFit workout #2, and I believe he wasn’t disappointed!

    Four rounds for time of: 8 jumping pullups, 8 lunges 20# dumbells, 8 deadlifts 115#. His time was 13:30 and I predict some sore hamstrings tomorrow! He did a great job of keeping form, especially as he’s rather new to deadlifts.

    I did a similar workout–setting my pace by following Bill. I did regular pullups, deadlifts 225#, and lunges 45# dumbells. My total rep count in the 13:30 was 180, and I was a little bummed I didn’t hit 200. Next time, next time! Congratulate Bill on a great job out there!

  32. Thanks to Lindsay for recommending a great one today!

    As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of: run 100m, 30 doubleunders, 10 (hand release) pushups. I got 6 rounds plus a 75m run.

    The doubleunders were the snag point, but I was pretty happy with my strategy. I broke them into 2 sets for each round, and didn’t end up with much rope-tripping! πŸ™‚ It was nice and warm outside, so that made for good fun! Hope yours was great too!

  33. Lindsay tried to kill me and Bill out there today with this little doozey:

    Six rounds for time of: 30 squats, 19 single arm snatches 50# dumbbell, 7 strict pullups, 400m run.

    I cruised pretty well through the first three rounds, but started overheating at round 4. Foolish us forgot to bring water, and the nearest drinking fountain was too far to reach mid-workout. So, I dialed back the throttle for the last couple rounds and ended up finishing with a time of 34:25.

    Just for your information, when you start feeling overly hot, and then cold and a little numb, heat exhaustion is coming. Be smarter than me and have some water around… especially when it’s 100 degrees and you’re doing this workout outdoors!

  34. It was a beautiful day outside today, so Kim, Bill, and I took advantage of the weather to do the following outdoor workout.

    Chris: Five rounds for time of:
    6 freestanding handstand pushups
    20 lunge jumps
    run 300m
    -> time was 10:25

    Kim: Four rounds for time of:
    6 front squats 65#
    20 lunge jumps
    run 300m
    -> time was 11:10

    Bill: Four rounds for time of:
    6 handstand pushups (feet stay on ground)
    20 lunge jumps
    run 300m
    -> time was 12:47

    Well done all, and we’ll see you out there tomorrow!

  35. Ten rounds for time of three muscleups, one clean 145#, eight front squats 145#. Time was 16:05, and there were a few times in there where i thought there was no way i’d make it. Thanks to my virtual training partners for being there in spirit to keep me going!

  36. Today I was pretty sore from the past few days workout, so I took it relatively easy. First, max uninterrupted pullups: I fell short of my all-time best of 38 with a score of 32. As punishment for falling short, I then did some more: 8-5-4-1.

    Next on the docket were bench presses: 135(10), 185(6), 185(6), 185(6), 185(6), 185(5). Last, I played 5 games of 2-on-2 basketball. Will enjoy rest day tomorrow!

  37. Heavy squats for me today: 135(8), 185(5), 225(5), 275(3), 295(3), 305(3), 315(2).

    Came so close to getting that third rep at 315, but alas, came up just short. Definitely liking the challenge my body got out of those though!

    Next was the following creative number: For time: 2 dips, 12 toes-to-bar, 4 dips, 14 ttb, 6 dips, 16 ttb, 8 dips, 18 ttb, 10 dips, 20 ttb, 8 dips, 18 ttb, 6 dips, 16 ttb, 4 dips, 14 ttb, 2 dips, 12 ttb.

    All told that equals 50 dips and 140 toes-to-bar in 12:28. My abs didn’t find it very amusing… πŸ™‚

  38. Today I went with heavy snatches. Count went like this: 95(5), 95(5), 115(5), 125(5), 135(5), 145(5), 150(5), 155(3), 165(2)

    I was really hoping for that third rep at 165, but alas, the pull muscles were too worn out and the bar didn’t go near high enough to jump under.

    I’ve definitely improved my form in this difficult lift, and that’s making the difference in getting those weights up. When a heavy weight goes up with good form, it’s an incredible feeling, let me tell you! Now to make it so that happens consistently, every time…. πŸ™‚

  39. Today was a fun and quick one:

    Five rounds for time of: 20 doubleunders, 5 lunges 50# dumbells, 5 freestanding handstand pushups, 5 lunges 50# dumbells.

    My time was 7:37, but I think I can do better next time. Played some basketball after, and those glutes are quite worn out!!

  40. I took a shot at the new ThriveFit workout #1 – advanced. Five rounds for time of: 20 jumping lunges holding 30#, 5 freestanding handstand pushups, run 100m.

    My time was 8:22. Now it’s up to the rest of you out there to bust that record!

  41. Today was ThriveFit workout #2. Five rounds for time of: 15 ground-to-overhead 20#, 15 v-ups, 15 burpees

    My time was 9:30, and I’m feeling those sore glutes now!!

  42. It’s been several days for me without a barbell or a pullup bar, so I was very glad today to get back in the gym and have that equipment available! I did something a little different today:

    In minute:
    1: 5 squats 225#
    2: 10 pullups
    3: 5 squats 225#
    4: 10 pullups

    …. and so on for 20 minutes. It was a good test of strength and stamina, and I was hurting pretty good by the end. For good measure, I did all I could in minutes 19 and 20, which was 7 squats and 16 pullups respectively.

    All told, it was 52 squats at 225# and 106 pullups in 19:59. So I was pretty happy with that! πŸ™‚

  43. Today was three rounds for time of: 15 OH squat 95#, 15 L-pullups, 15 split jerk 95#, 15 knees to elbows, 15 hang clean 95#, 15 good-mornings 35# plate.

    Time was 26:32. Those L-pullups were tough!!

  44. Too many rest days for me! I was traveling over the past several days and only got a few half-workouts in, so it felt great to be back in the gym moving some real weight. Here’s what I came up with for today:

    For time:
    21 deadlifts 225#, 21 declined situps, 21 handstand pushups,
    15 deadlifts 225#, 15 declined situps, 15 handstand pushups,
    9 deadlifts 225#, 9 declined situps, 9 handstand pushups

    My time was 8:07, which I think was decent. Next time we’ll get it under 7 minutes! πŸ™‚

  45. Today’s workout:

    As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes: 9 bench presses 115#, 8 pullups, 7 kettlebell swings 45#, 6 cleans 135#

    Result was 5 rounds + 9 bench presses

  46. Today, at Lindsay’s suggestion, I went for this little beauty:

    For time: 40 thrusters 75#, 35 bar hop burpees, 30 thrusters 75#, 25 bar hop burpees, 20 thrusters 75#, 15 bar hop burpees, 10 thrusters 75#, 5 bar hop burpees.

    My time was 14:17, which was about a minute slower that Robert’s so I have identified my area of needed improvement!

    As an aside, if you’re not familiar with a bar hop burpee (as I wasn’t), here’s a brief description. Set down the barbell and turn yourself 90 degrees so you’re facing parallel to the barbell. Get down, chin, hips, and feet all touching the ground. Get up, then jump laterally over the barbell, and clap your hands over your head in the air. That’s one. And yes, you will look silly. But then again, the point of working out isn’t so you look good while you’re working out, it’s so you look good later! πŸ˜‰

  47. First was deadlifts: 135(10), 225(5), 295(3), 345(3), 365(2), 385(1)

    Almost got 2 reps at 385, but made it about halfway up and lost form. Great challenge to the big muscle groups though!

    Next was, for time:
    20 pullups, run 400m, 18 pullups, run 400m, 16 pullups, run 400m, 14 pullups, run 400m, 12 pullups, run 400m, 10 pullups, run 400m

    Time was 15:00, and it was a beautiful day for it!

  48. Workout report: squats: 135(10), 225(10), 275(6), 295(4). My knee was hurting the last week or so, i think those squats aligned it right or something because it feels great now!

  49. Long weekend off, but it felt great to get out there today!

    Press: 135(5), 145(4), 145(4), 145(4), 145(3)

    Five rounds for time: 20 pullups, 30 Russian kettlebell swings 40# dumbbell, 40 doubleunders. My time was 19:00, which was a reasonable improvement from my 22-minute time back in December 2011.

    I had a tough time with the doubleunders in sets 3 and 4, and not until set 5 did I figure out what a huge difference it makes to keep your eyes focused on the ground 15 ft in front of you instead of on the horizon. Seriously, try it! It was a huge difference-maker for me!

  50. Fun partner workout today with the one and only Lindsay Lu!

    As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
    One partner runs 400m while the other partner does:
    10 burpee-snatches 45# dumbell
    10 overhead lunges 45# dumbbell

    I had a score of 5 rounds and 6x400m runs.
    Lindsay had a score of 2.5 rounds (using a 25# dumbbell) and 6x400m runs.

    I’ll have to do a demonstration video of burpee-snatches soon. It’s something we kindof made up today and I love em!!

  51. This weekend was full of practical workouts like chopping wood and cleaning my chimney, so it felt great to get into the gym today for a true workout workout! πŸ™‚

    First, some squats: 135(10), 225(7), 275(5)

    Next, for time: 10 snatches 95#, 10 kettlebell swings 60#, 10 strict pullups, 9 snatches, 9 kb swings, 9 strict pullups, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, and so on down to 1, 1, 1. All told it ends up being 55 reps of each movement, and I finished with a time of 18:30. Could have been better for sure but not too bad anyway! Pullups were the hard part, which was surprising to me.

  52. It’ll be getting cold soon, so I took the opportunity to get outside on the rings! As many reps as possible in 10 minutes of: muscleups, ring dips, and squats.

    My pattern was a bit erratic, but I ended up with 15 muscelups, 21 ring dips, and 160 squats in 10 minutes. Those ring dips are tough, I tell you! Will definitely we working to improve those!

  53. For time: 1 clean 185#, 5 tuck jumps, 1 clean 185#, 10 tuck jumps, 1, 15, 1, 20, 1, 25, 1, 20, 1, 15, 1, 10, 1,5, 1.

    Time was 7:19 and i’m feelin good! Faster next time!

  54. Ok, so it’s been a few days off for me, but I attempted to make up for it by getting a nice and challenging workout in today!

    As many rounds as possible in 16 minutes of: 4 clean and jerks 135#, 6 dips, 8 pullups. I got through 9 rounds, and felt quite worn out by the end! We’ll know tomorrow how hard I worked depending how sore I am! Until then, wishing you all a pleasant evening!

  55. Today started off with bench presses: 135(10), 185(7), 195(4), 205(3), 215(f).

    That last rep at 205 wore me out! Next, I repeated a workout from several months back. Three rounds for time of: 50 squats, 7 strict pullups, 7 dips, 10 hang cleans 135#.

    2012-07-02 8:06
    2013-07-02 7:01
    2013-11-11 7:35

    Not exactly moving in the direction we want, but not terrible either I suppose. The main problem was set 1 was on too slow of a pace. Tomorrow will be better!

  56. Saturday was a bike ride of 33 miles with an average speed of 16.9; not bad for me, though that distance is a bit further than I would ordinarily care to go….. πŸ™‚

  57. Moving in the right direction now! I completed a workout that I had done back in July

    Five rounds for time of: 8 squats 165#, 8 dips, 8 jerks 60# dumbells, 16 pullups

    My time improved from 18:00 to 17:22, and it only took me another 4 minutes to catch my breath! πŸ˜‰ This workout needs a name, I’m going to use it as a benchmark going forward I think….

  58. We continue to have beautiful fall weather this year, so I took another chance for muscleups outside before snow hits this year! AMRAP 10 minutes: muscleups. I got 42 in, which I was pretty happy with–next time, 50!! πŸ™‚

  59. Quick workout in the basement tonight: 8 rounds for time of 5 deadlifts 185, 3 freestanding handstand pushups. Got it in a quick 4:50, and I’m getting more comfortable with doing handstand pushups this way. Who needs walls anyway?!

  60. Today’s was an old favorite: 50 snatches for time at 125#. My time last time around was 9:20, so I was a little sad to come in at 9:48 today. My form felt really good, so than was positive, but I tore a little skin from my left ring finger halfway through. I’ll blame my longer time on that….

    Anyway, it was a great workout and I’ll be looking to smash that record next time–and keep my hands intact!

  61. As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes:
    5 burpees, 5 toes-to-bar.

    I completed 14 rounds + 3 burpees. Next time, I think I’ll do sets of 10 reps instead of the 5–it was too easy to rest more than I really needed to…. πŸ™‚

  62. First today were sets of deadlifts. Definitely taxing to the old forearms! 225(5), 295(5), 295(5), 295(5), 315(5), 315(5), 315(4), 315(4)

    Next was this:
    21 squats 185#, 21 single-arm dumbbell snatches 50#, 21 dips
    15 squats, 15 snatches, 15 dips
    9 squats, 9 snatches, 9 dips

    Time was 11:52, not rocket speed, not terrible. Ready for a sore body tomorrow!

  63. Indeed, I was quite sore this morning after yesterday’s big workout! I chose a relatively light workout today to just get the blood moving.

    Three rounds for time of: 20 double-unders, 20 ground to overhead 20# med ball, 20 pushups, 20 v-ups.

    My time was 7:32. Tomorrow should be another tough one, perhaps even a group challenge–what do you say, Felicia and Lindsay???

  64. repeated this little beauty from July 24, 2013

    Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes:
    β€’ 6 lunges 45# dumbells (L+R=2)
    β€’ 6 thrusters 45# dumbells

    In July, I made it through 9 rounds, but had to drop to three thrusters for the last 6 rounds. Well not today!! I not only got through all 15 rounds, but completed a bonus three thrusters in the end of the last round!

    All told, I did 90 lunges and 93 thrusters, and oh boy did this rock my quads and hamstrings! Glad for the new record, it was a good day out there!

  65. Wow did I get my money’s worth out there today! I did a variation of this one from a few months ago:

    In minute:
    1: 5 squats 225#
    2: 10 pullups
    3: 5 squats 225#
    4: 10 pullups

    …. and so on for 20 minutes. When I did this in September 2012, I completed all reps for the first 18 minutes, then did all the reps and then some in minutes 19 and 20, which was 7 squats and 16 pullups respectively.

    The difference today? More reps! Todays was:

    In minute:
    1: 6 squats 225#
    2: 12 pullups
    3: 6 squats 225#
    4: 12 pullups

    I’m proud to say that I completed all reps in all rounds, with three bonus pullups in the final minute.

    All told, it was 60 squats at 225# and 123 pullups in 20 minutes. So I was pretty happy with that, and, we’re gaining ground! Here’s to a sore body tomorrow!!

  66. Quick home workout tonight: Five rounds for time of 2 cleans 195#, 15 crunches on a ball. Time was 3:40. Not super challenging but much better than nothing!

  67. I was due for a heavy workout today, and I sure got one!

    Four rounds for time of: 3 deadlifts 345#, 6 dips, 9 hang snatches 40# dumbbell (Rt), 9 hang snatches 40# dumbbell (Lt), 12 declined situps.

    Time came in at 12:08, not fantastic, not too shabby. Felt good to use that high of a weight in a workout, and my legs were definitely screaming afterwards!

  68. Home workout last night: As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of: 20 hang cleans 95#, 10 pushups.

    I got through 6 full rounds plus 20 hang cleans. It was a forearm burner!!

  69. Today was a repeat of a workout I did October 21 of this year, and proud to report I significantly improved my time from 18:30 to 15:12, woo-hoo!!

    First were some squats: 135(7), 225(5), 275(5), 285(2)

    Next, for time: 10 snatches 95#, 10 kettlebell swings 60#, 10 strict pullups, 9 snatches, 9 kb swings, 9 strict pullups, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, and so on down to 1, 1, 1. All told it ends up being 55 reps of each movement, and I got a great challenge!

    I’d love to attribute the improvement in my time soley to myself, but one big factor I have to credit is chalk. I’m not used to using it at all, but someone brought a bag in and I’ve gotten into the habit. It’s a little bit like magic, making pullups and any barbell movement lots easier!

    Hope you had a great workout today, get ready for the 12 days of Christmas workout, the 25th will be here before we know it!!

  70. Good to be back in my normal gym today! Over Christmas break I did lots of bodyweight-type workouts, so I was hankering for some heavy barbell work today.

    10 sets of 5 squats: 135, 225, 275, 275, 275, 275, 275, 275, 275, 275

    Great workout of every muscle in my legs, and my lats and traps actually started wearing out as well. Tomorrow will be a light and fast metcon I think. Happy 2014, make those workouts count!

  71. My workout today was definitely challenging to the old lungs and heart! That’s good though, as I tend not to focus on these type of workouts often enough.

    So, it was: 12 rounds for time of: 3 burpees, 6 pullups, 12 single-arm dumbbell snatches 45#. My time was a long 15:53, which I thought was pretty good. I didn’t ever rest really, I simply found a pace that I could keep and stayed with it.

    It felt good to get the body moving, as things were pretty tight due to yesterday’s workout! Tomorrow’s a rest day for me, have a great weekend!

  72. I was happily about my workout today when I was recruited for some 3 on 3 basketball…. So, I only finished the following. But as it turned out, I got a good strength challenge, and a good endurance challenge, so not a bad workout overall.

    Deadlifts 135(10), 225(5), 295(5), 315(5), 335(5). I believe that’s a new 5-rep max for me! πŸ™‚

  73. Good long metcon for me today!

    As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 5 dips, 10 pushups (hands on dumbells), 15 jerks 2×30# dumbells, 20 squats.

    I got through 7 rounds + 5 dips + 10 pushups + 10 jerks. Next time, it’ll be 8 rounds. Or 9! πŸ™‚ Hope you had a great one today too!

  74. I was soliciting recruits to join me for the following workout today, but it seems everyone else is available Monday instead. So, I figured I’d start things off and set the time to beat. Lindsay, Felicia, and Jed I look forward to seeing three blazing fast times from you Monday afternoon! πŸ™‚

    First, two-rep max deadlifts: 135(12), 225(5), 295(2), 345(2), 385(1)

    Next, three rounds for time of: 50 squats, 7 pullups, 7 dips, 10 hang cleans 135#. I beat my record of 7:01 from a few months back and completed it in 6:53. Booyah! Looks like 2014 is off to a good start!!!

  75. Hotel workout today–although I must admit I think this is the best hotel gym I’ve ever seen!

    As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of: 5 snatches 95#, 6 lunges 40# dumbells, 7 pullups, 6 lunges 40# dumbells.

    I got 6 full rounds, and some sore glutes!! πŸ™‚

  76. Today it was great to be back home and in my normal gym. I started out with 6-rep max jerk: 95(6), 115(6), 135(6), 145(6), 155(6), 165(6), 175(2).

    I think I could have done more than two reps at 175#, but I was getting tired from the previous sets. My form definitely improved as I went along though.

    Next, five rounds for time of: 20 toes to bar, 20 kettlebell swings 50# dumbbell, 20 pushups. My time was 13:22. Hope you all had a great one today too!

  77. As many rounds as possible in 16 minutes of: 6 handstand pushups, 8 deadlifts 225#, 10 single-arm dumbbell snatches 45#, 12 jumping lunges.

    I got through 8 full rounds (with half a second to spare…) πŸ˜€ It was such a tough one, a challenge of strength, stamina, and endurance. I’ll definitely be coming back to this one!

    Lastly, I’ve got to give kudos to Lindsay L and Brian F for completing this workout as well. They did traditional pushups and had different weights for the DLs and the snatches, but scored 7.5 and 6.5 rounds respectively. That’s some impressive work, and I’m thankful to be a part of a great team that’s pursuing success together!

  78. Versatile and challenging one for me today! Six rounds for time of: 9 bench presses 115#, 8 pullups, 7 kettlebell swings 50#, 6 cleans 135. My time was 10:05, nearly two minutes faster than last time!

  79. First, squats: 135(10), 225(5), 275(3), 295(3), 315(2), 205(20)

    Followed by five rounds for time of: 10 burpees, 10 pullups. Finished in 5:22, then went and played some basketball! Good day out there!!

  80. Went with an old standby today! First, some deadlifts: 135(6), 225(6), 295(3), 365(2)

    Then, Five rounds for time of: 8 squats 165#, 8 dips, 8 jerks 60# dumbells, 16 pullups.

    2012-07-16 15:59
    2013-07-16 18:00
    2013-11-13 17:22
    2014-02-07 13:36

    That’s some crazy fluctuation huh! But, the best was today, so that’s all that matters! The more I do this one the better I get at managing my work output. You want to be right on the cusp of your limit but not go so far that you’re wiped out and have to take a long time to recover. At any rate, look for another shot at this one in a few months and we’ll look to break into the 12-minute range! πŸ™‚

  81. Today I got in several sets of snatches and a couple games of basketball–fun combination! 65(10), 95(8), 115(5), 135(5), 145(5), 155(5).

    That last rep at 155 was atrocious–very wide stance and not very solid, but hey, it still counts! Numbers keep moving up and that’s a good thing!

  82. Nine rounds for time of: 10 pushups, 15 kettlebell swings 45#, 20 double-unders. Time was 10:12

    Made a huge breakthrough on my double-unders around set 3: slow them down! I’ve had trouble getting tangled up for a long time, and today I figured out that it was because I was trying to spin the rope around too fast. When I slow down and get the rope spinning in a smooth, consistent rhythm, it’s much easier! Who would have thought??!!

  83. Partner workout today with Lindsay! As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

    (Chris) 5 freestanding handstand pushups, 10 toes to bar, 15 burpees, 20 single-arm dumbbell snatches 40#
    Score was 4 rounds + 4 hspu

    (Lindsay) 5 pushups, 10 declined situps, 15 burpees, 20 single-arm dumbbell snatches 20#
    Score was 2 rounds + pushups + 10 burpees. Or something like that, what was it Lindsay??

    Anyway, it was a good one but I needed to pick up the pace. Maybe I’ll do this as a 20 minute AMRAP next time. Anyway, I’m more than ready for a rest day tomorrow!

  84. Yesterday I tried something a little different, and I found it to be rather challenging! Based on the results, I think I’ll be doing this style again soon!

    For time: complete 200 total reps, taking as many rounds as you like. In order, the exercises are: dips, pullups, squats 135#.

    You do as many reps as you want of dips without stopping, then immediately move to the pullup bar and do as many pullups as you like without stopping, then to squats, then to dips, and so on. Simply keep count of the cumulative total reps and keep going until you hit 200. Sounds fun, huh! πŸ™‚

    My time was 11:20, and boy was I blasted. I was pretty sore when I woke up this morning, and the real brunt of it hit me mid-afternoon today. Thankfully, I’ve been able to stand and move around a bunch today, so that’s been helping. Tonight certainly calls for some mobility work!

    Why not give this one a try yourself? I’ll look forward to hearing what you think of it!

  85. squats: 135(9), 185(7), 235(7), 275(7)

    then, tabatas (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 8 times) of: pullups, dips, front squats 45#.

    Results were:
    pullups 10, 10, 9, 9, 8, 9, 9, 9
    dips 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, 6, 5, 5
    front squats 8, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9

  86. For time: 21 deadlifts 225#, 21 handstand pushups, 15 deadlifts 225#, 15 handstand pushups, 9 deadlifts 225#, 9 handstand pushups

    My time was 5:33

  87. Today’s workout: Three rounds for time of: 5 deadlifts 315#, 10 squats 225#, 15 freestanding handstand pushups.

    I finished in 12:08, which was actually a few minutes slower than my time from several months ago. However, when I did it last, the handstand pushups were done against a wall rather than freestanding, and I’m quite sure they’re much more difficult this way.

    I followed the workout almost immediately with some 3 on 3 basketball, and that wore me out for sure! It was a taxing and satisfying day out there, and I’m glad to have a rest day tomorrow. Incidentally, that’s the first and likely the last time I’ve used the words taxing and satisfying in the same sentence….. Perhaps Herman Cain will run for the RNC nomination again this November and we can get the IRS closed down after all. Dreams, dreams!

  88. Birthday workout for me today! For time: 3 deadlifts 365#, 12 freestanding handstand pushups, 84 pullups. My time was 5:37.

    If you’d be willing to give this one a try today and think of me, I will feel very honored! πŸ˜€

  89. No timer today, just took this one at an easy pace:

    12 squats 135#, 12 burpees
    12 squats 185#, 12 burpees
    12 squats 225#, 12 burpees
    12 squats 245#, 12 burpees

    All reps completed unbroken, that last set was tough!

  90. Ten rounds for time of: 5 jerks 115#, 10 toes-to-bar, 15 doubleunders

    The first few minutes were a round a minute, but I decelerated as I went along to end up with a final time of 11:25. It was a good-feeling one though: I just felt like I found a good rhythm and just kept going. After all those squats yesterday, I was pretty sore, so I felt great after this one–got all the muscles moving and stretched out. One more big one tomorrow then I’ll really enjoy my Thursday rest!

  91. Took an adjusted shot at Crossfit 14.4 today–since I didn’t have the requisite equipment, I looked up on their site what would be an appropriate sub, and here’s what I came up with:

    90 sumo deadlift high pulls 45#
    50 toes to bar
    40 thrusters 20# dumbells
    30 cleans 135#

    It was supposed to be an AMRAP 14 minutes, but I finished all the above in 11:50 and didn’t have rings available to do muscleups. The SDHPs were completed by the three-minute mark, and everything was pretty smooth until the cleans. I broke them into three sets of five and then several sets of three, and the last few reps were singles. Overall a bit grueling, but pretty good overall. I think I would have made it through 10 muscleups or so if I’d had rings available. Anyway, it was fun, only one left to go now!!

  92. A special thanks to Jed for joining me for a team workout today and pushing me to give it my all out there!

    Jed did the following: For time: 10 clean and jerks 75#, 10 kettlebell swings 40#, 10 strict pullups, 9 clean and jerks 75#, 9 kettlebell swings 40#, 9 strict pullups 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, and so on down to 1, 1, 1. All told it ends up being 55 reps of each movement, 165 total reps. His time was 18:19.

    Meanwhile, I did the same movements, switching stations whenever Jed switched, and counting my total reps. My three movements were:
    -clean and jerks 95#
    -kettlebell swings 60#

    During the 18:19, I completed 278 total reps. It was a forearm burner, and very surprisingly, the kettlebell swings were the most challenging movement.

    Congrats to Jed for the great work out there, I’ll be very much looking forward to the next one!

  93. Tough workout today–slower score than I would have liked, but a good challenge! For time:

    21 deadlifts 225#, 21 toes-to-bar, 21 freestanding handstand pushups
    15 deadlifts 225#, 15 toes-to-bar, 15 freestanding handstand pushups
    9 deadlifts 225#, 9 toes-to-bar, 9 freestanding handstand pushups

    My time was 10:10, which was a few minutes slower than a similar workout I’d done several months ago. It could be that the freestanding hspu are a good bit more draining than those done against a wall, but I think I could have and should have done better. Next time we’ll get it in 9:30! πŸ˜€

  94. Thanks to Felicia for a great team workout today! Three rounds for time of: 5 clean and jerks 45#, 10 jumping dips, 15 lunge jumps, 20 kettlebell swings 25#

    While Felicia was going, I did the following: kettlebell swings 75#, clean and jerks 135#, dips, lunge jumps

    I would switch movements whenever Felicia finished her reps at a station, and simply kept track of my total reps. Our time was 12:30 I ended with 280 total reps. It was a tough one, and it’s always better to have someone suffering at the same time to stay motivated. Thanks Felicia, good job today!

  95. Took a second shot today at a workout I’d done previously on 2013-08-23:

    Three rounds for time of: 15 chest-to-bar pullups, 15 burpees, 15 cleans 115#. My time last August was 10:06, and today I managed to trim it down to single digits, coming in at 9:47, woo-hoo!

    It was a pretty brutal lung-burner, and I took no less than four minutes to catch my breath enough to talk in more than two-word sentences… πŸ˜‰ But that’s how you know it’s working!

  96. Oh, and I’m just realizing I never posted my score for the crossfit open workout 15.5, which I did last weekend. It was:

    For time:
    21 thrusters 95#, 21 Bar-hopping burpees
    18 thrusters 95#, 18 Bar-hopping burpees
    3 thrusters 95#, 3 Bar-hopping burpees

    That’s a total of 84 thrusters and 84 burpees, yikes! My time was 14:02, and thank you, I’ll never be doing that one again! πŸ˜€ Thanks crossfit for a grueling and fun series of open workouts this year!

  97. First some deadlifts: 135(10), 225(8), 295(6), 345(3), 345(2), 345(1). My grip strength was what kept me from doing more, so appearently I should be spending more time on the pullup bar going forward! πŸ˜€

    For the main event, I took an old workout from a while back and modified it a bit to come up with the following one:

    Six rounds for time of:
    6 burpees
    8 single-arm dumbbell snatches 45#
    10 toes-to bar

    My time was 7:32. My pace was pretty consistent, I had to break up the toes-to-bar into 6, 4 on the last three sets, but no resting besides that. I think I could have gone a bit quicker, but I think I liked this one and will come back to it again soon. Have a great day out there as you pursue a fit and thriving life!

  98. Repeated a workout from 2013-09-06 today:

    First, squats:
    2013-09-06: 135(8), 185(5), 225(5), 275(3), 295(3), 305(3), 315(2).
    2014-04-18: 135(10), 225(6), 265(4), 305(2)

    Next was: For time: 2 dips, 12 toes-to-bar, 4 dips, 14 ttb, 6 dips, 16 ttb, 8 dips, 18 ttb, 10 dips, 20 ttb, 8 dips, 18 ttb, 6 dips, 16 ttb, 4 dips, 14 ttb, 2 dips, 12 ttb.

    All told that equals 50 dips and 140 toes-to-bar.

    Time in 2013-09-06 was 12:28; today I came in at 9:36. Booyah!

  99. Three rounds for time of: 3 bar muscleups, 6 thrusters 20# dumbells, 3 bar muscleups, 6 thrusters 20# dumbells, 3 bar muscleups, 6 thrusters 20# dumbells, run 400m

    Time was 11:22

  100. Six rounds for time of: 8 hang snatches 75#, 10 step-ups 36″, 8 pullups, 10 step-ups 36″. Time was 12:56, not amazing, but most definitely wore me right out!

  101. Today was my third attempt at the following workout:

    I started with a few sets of squats: 135(10), 205(10), 245(10), 275(6).

    Next, for time: 10 snatches 95#, 10 kettlebell swings 60#, 10 strict pullups, 9 snatches, 9 kb swings, 9 strict pullups, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, and so on down to 1, 1, 1. All told it ends up being 55 reps of each movement.

    My time continues to improve!
    2013/10/21 18:30
    2013/12/20 15:12
    2014/05/13 14:54

  102. Great workout today in great weather! I ran 1.5 miles, did 180 squats, 114 snatches with a 50 pound dumbell, and 42 strict pullups in a total of 27 minutes, 02 seconds.

    It was actually a repeat workout of one I’d done last August.
    Six rounds for time of: 30 squats, 19 single arm snatches 50# dumbbell, 7 strict pullups, 400m run.

    2013-08-30 34:25
    2014-05-16 27:02

    The great weather helped a bit, and I had a more consistent pace, which is always important. Glad things are still moving in the right direction!

  103. 8 rounds for time of: 8 pullups, 8 v-ups, 8 front squats 155#. Time was 13:21, and it was for sure a full-body workout!

    I may try subbing toes-to-bar for the v-ups next time, as I think I could get more work done in less time that way. Anyway, I liked this one and think I’ll do it again in the future!

  104. Always rough coming back to a workout program after a week off laying on the beach in Mexico!

    Four rounds for time: 5 deadlifts 315#, 10 squats 225#, 15 handstand pushups. My time was 19:24, and I am wore out! Definitely a heavy one, and most of the time I was doing one or two reps at a time. It was a good one to jolt me back into action again. We’ll be back again tomorrow!!

  105. Today I completed ThriveFit Workout 121:
    Four rounds for time of: 8 squats 165#, 16 dips, 8 jerks 60# dumbells, 16 pullups.

    My time improved from 14:05 last time i did it to 11:39 today!

  106. Repeated a workout from 2013/11/26 and blasted it!

    First deadlifts: 135(10), 225(10), 275(10), 295(6)

    Next was this:
    21 squats 185#, 21 single-arm ground to overheah 50# dumbells, 21 dips
    15 squats, 15 ground to overhead, 15 dips
    9 squats, 9 ground to overhead, 9 dips

    Time was 11:52 in November, and today I finished in 8:47!! Now that’s moving in the right direction!!

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