Trail Life Week 11 – Campfire Safety

April 6, 2022

Materials to Bring

Bucket of firewood, lighter fluid, lighter, Tyler’s book, camping chairs, tarp, cones, rope


  1. Prayer
  2. Pledge to American Flag
  3. Pledge to the Christian Flag: I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag and to the Savior for whose Kingdom it stands. One Savior, crucified, risen, and coming again with life and liberty to all who believe
  4. Trailmen’s Oath: On my honor I will do my best to serve God and my country, to respect authority, to be a good steward of creation, and to treat

Badge – Campfire Safety

  1. Explain how being a good steward and observing the low impact camping method applies to fires
    1. fire ring
    2. build a mound fire
    3. gathering wood
  2. Explain the use of buckets, rakes, and shovels in containing a campfire in a certain location
  3. Describe safe places to have a campfire, how to learn local regulations, and how to set up a campfire
  4. Describe safe vs. unsafe clothing near campfires and open flames
    1. Loose-fitting garments with long and/or billowing sleeves
    2. Garments made from natural and/or loose fibers – such as cotton, linen – or fabrics that easily melt
    3. Clothing that cannot be easily removed if it does catch fire
  5. Describe save vs. unsafe behavior around a campfire
  6. Demonstrate how to put out a fire on your clothing, hair, or body
  7. Demonstrate safe striking of stick and book matches and safe use of a lighter
  8. Explain the use and purpose of tinder, kindling, and fuel firewood
  9. Explain why wet, green, and ant/vine covered wood are unsafe and not good for fires
  10. Describe several types of fire starters that can be made or purchased
    1. store-bought starter sticks
    2. dryer lint (with or without petroleum jelly)
    3. shredded wood
  11. Demonstrate building at least three different fire-lays and explain when you would use each one
    1. Teepee
    2. Log Cabin
    3. Lean-To
  12. Light one of the fire-lays, tend it, and keep it burning until you are done with it
  13. When finished with the fire, demonstrate the proper way to extinguish it to dead-out


Sharks and Minnows (or, alternately build an obstacle course and race for time)

Bible Story

Moses and the Burning Bush from,%2C%20and%20what%20you%20did.)

Have students find Exodus 3 in their Bibles.

Ask a student to read Exodus 3:2-3.

  • Who appeared to Moses? (An angel of the Lord.)
  • What was strange about the bush? (It was on fire but it didn’t burn up.)

Ask for a volunteer to read the Exod. 3:7, 10-12.

  • What did God want Moses to do? (To go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt.)
  • How did Moses answer God? (He said he wasn’t good enough to do what God asked.)
  • How did God answer Moses? (God said He would go with Moses and help him.)

Ask for another volunteer to read Exod. 4:10-15.

  • How did God offer to help Moses? (God would help Moses speak and teach him what to say.)
  • How did Moses answer God? (He tried to get God to send someone else.)
  • Why do you think Moses didn’t want to do what God wanted him to do? (He was afraid, embarrassed, didn’t speak well, wasn’t very confident.)


Practice answering the 13 questions above with your parents

Demonstrate fire building and tending

Be prepared to show what you know next week