Welcome to ThriveWealthy, a powerful tool for developing your thriving financial life.  Actively plan how your money will be spent, and reap the rewards of spending your money according to your priorities!

What can this tool do for you?

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The ThriveWealthy tool above will take care of the how of managing your money.  But if you’re like most people, you’ve gone down the budgeting road before–only to find yourself off the bandwagon a few months later.  Often, this is a result of your source of motivation.

In many things, we want to jump straight into the how, without discussing the why.  Even this page is set up that way, with the tool at the top and the discussion down here!  Starting with the how can be useful, because it is immediately apparent what practical and tangible benefits we will see by engaging in a given activity.  But the danger lies in the all-too-often practice of never addressing the why.  Without a good reason to spend the time actively planning how our money will be spent, then vigilantly sticking to our plan, it becomes very easy to give up.

Wealth, security, and the capability to be a blessing to others are lofty goals.  Reaching these milestones will take time, and you won’t always see the progress you’ve made very clearly.

A typical story

The common situation for many people who resolve to get a handle on their money (or any other resolution, for that matter) comes at about 40 days into a new regimen.  You’ve downloaded ThriveWealthy, created a budget for next month, and even balanced your bank account as shown in the example.  You’ve cut your “fun fund” down to $5 per week to really make progress toward your financial goals, and you’re eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday.

On day 40, right on queue, your washing machine breaks, putting you in a difficult situation.  There’s no line item in the budget for new washing machine–you didn’t expect it!  So here’s your temptation–head to the nearest furniture mart, get a brand new washing machine on credit (the wild, fantastic one-day-only sale, 90 days same as cash ripoff) and never open your budget again.  Also known as “life as usual” or “falling off the bandwagon.”

The reason this situation is so tempting, and why so many people fall into the trap is because at the 40 day mark, you’ve been facing real inconveniences (peanut butter and jelly) for seemingly imaginary benefits (my finances are more in order).  It stems from the why that you never considered.  If your why is something weak like, “I feel like I should manage my money better,” or worse, “I happened upon one day and I thought I’d give this a shot,” it won’t take too many bumps in the road to knock you off the wagon.  You need a why that is stronger than the uncomfortable situations that you’re about to face.

If you’ve taken the time to peruse our material here at Total Thriver, you clearly are a person who desires to live life well.  You have ambition for a life that is a blessing to others, to be a beloved and respected person, and to use your gifts well.  If you are a person of faith, you desire to bring honor and glory to your Lord Jesus Christ, to hear Him say one day: “well done, my good and faithful servant.”

These whys are powerful enough to overcome the hardships that you will face as you begin to plan your financial life intentionally.  Search out your reasons for wanting to thrive financially, and read the ThriveFit on Stewardship.  Think about how the stewardship principle applies to the money in your account that you view as “yours.” As you understand your motivations and intentionally connect today’s activities to the progress that you desire to make, you’ll find the strength to say no to that meal out with coworkers or the impulsive shopping trip for stuff you really don’t need.  And as always, keep logging on here for info and tools for your why and your how!